2Build a Profile

Putting formative assessment at the heart of learning

2Build a Profile on the iPad

2Build a Profile is our multi-award winning app for gathering observations on the go. It improves the quality and consistency of formative assessment, while also saving educators hours of record keeping time. Enjoy seamless progress tracking from Reception through to the end of Primary. 

Price: From £99
Works on: Apple & Android
Get it from: The 2simple site

BETT 2014 Winner - 2Build a ProfilePractical Pre-School Awards



The app for rewarding good behaviour


2Reward is the fast and fun way to promote your schools golden rules. Each class has a 'behaviour bubble', which grows as you capture examples of good behaviour on your device. The 'Behaviour Live' page lets you display the bubbles throughout the school.  

Price: From £400
Works on: Apple & Android
Get it from: Call 0208 203 1781 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



2DIY logo from 2Simple

Creative tools where you make the rules

2DIY on the iPad

Teachers and primary school children can create cross-curricular, personalised resources and use them on whiteboards, websites and even on Learning Platforms. There are plenty of opportunities for meaningful learning as children design, create, publish and play.

Price: £7.99 in-app purchase 
Works on: Apple
Get it from: The iTunes store
Free with Purple Mash: Yes 

BETT Awards



Mash Cams on the iPad

Let your face tell a thousand stories

Mashcams on the iPad

This app lets children turn themselves into a wide range of characters. There are already over 50 to choose from with new ones being added all the time. Add descriptive text and record your own voiceovers to enhance the learning experience. 

Price £0.69 in-app purchase 
Works on: Apple
Get it from:  The iTunes store
Free with Purple Mash: Yes